Although we’re a company, we pride ourselves in providing personal service. Our clients can be our customers and our friends. We love the notes they leave for us.

Though you have cleaned many homes since 2 weeks ago, I hope you remember what a TERRIFIC JOB you did here on your last visit. The place was so clean I almost forgot I have a dog.
Please! Please! Eat this cake.
You should have hidden cameras so you can watch your clients dance around their clean home.
My ability to create chaos in the kitchen this week will exceed even your ability to clear it away totally. I am building costumes and – as I do it – that makes more mess than anything else on earth. This week, could you please just clean around me?
I wanted my apartment cleaned, and what did I get? My life is changed.
Hi! I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for keeping this place from sinking into squalor. I do appreciate your work. (You’ve probably noticed how low on my list of fun things housekeeping is!)